Music company seeking 18 and under musicians for battle of the bands

A new North Shore music production company is targeting musicians 18 and under with a three month-long battle of the bands. 

In conjunction with the company’s January official launch, Annecto Music will be hosting a battle of the bands for singers, musicians and bands 18 year old and younger.  The 3 month long battle starts January 25, 2014 and will take place at The Shed musician’s club in Highland Park, IL.   The battle of the bands is as much a competition as it is music showcase since video highlights from each battle will be posted to Annecto’s social media outlets.  The winner of the battle will receive Annecto’s “Career Starter” production package which includes studio production of one song, a music video, photo shoot, digital distribution, social media/web site(s) set up, media promotional appearances and more.

About Annecto Music

Annecto Music is a music production company founded by north shore musician/music producer and Highwood, IL alderman Matt Feddermann.  Feddermann previously owned and operated Phase Recording Studios in Highland Park, IL from 2004-2012.  After closing the studio to focus on live performance and new business opportunities, he began to see the amount of correctly working parts needed to start a music career and how daunting it must for talent 18 & under to be heard.  Taking of his 13 years of experience & knowledge, Feddermann started Annecto Music, a one stop shop for everything music business.  Clients can walk in the door with their talent and walk out with their music recorded, their music digitally distributed to iTunes, Spotify, etc, have a music video produced, a photo shoot, album cover/graphic design, web design, social media marketing assistance, music booking assistance,  and much more.   Annecto also offers custom songwriting & arranging services for budding songwriters.  Young people now have a place to go for help and to have their music business questions answered.


The Annecto Music office is located in Highwood, IL. For more information, please visit, or call 847.831.5

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